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2023 Visit

Mission Update – March 2023

Delivering KAG sponsored aid

A mission team from St Mary’s Church, Uffculme have recently returned from a trip to support the Karen people in the Thailand Burma border region. Due to Covid, this was the first mission trip for a number of years.

Dave & Beryl Lewis, accompanied by the Coppin/King family of Claire, James, Josh and Jared were able to deliver much needed KAG sponsored aid to a number of villages along the border and witness first-hand some of the ongoing challenges for the Karen people. The mission team were based at SozoLife near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. This partner base to Asian Tribal Ministries (ATM) is doing amazing work in the local community as well as supporting Karen villages along the border with Burma. Local outreach is focused on providing safe refuge to abused single mums and their families, along with vocational training to help develop independence and hope for their future. The mission team were truly inspired to see how much had been achieved at the SozoLife base in such a short time, including a new church building, café and staff facilities as well as a thriving kindergarten which is also used by local families. They were also excited to hear about the vision of the base leaders Dakhota and Karenna who have plans to further develop the base with additional accommodation for single mums, a purpose-built vocational training centre and upscaling the current farming activities in order to provide livestock to Karen village families to help them establish their own farming. The mission team were delighted to see how KAG has been able to support such projects and the real difference being made to the lives of many people.

The highlight of the mission trip was to visit a number of Karen villages in the Thailand/Burma border area, delivering KAG sponsored humanitarian aid, fellowshipping with village church communities and seeing the work of missionary pastors near the border. Each of the pastors met by the mission team are past students from the ATM bible school and are doing amazing work each day to support their local villages, outreach to remote Karen communities and ensure much needed emergency supplies reach families displaced by the ongoing attacks by the Burmese on Karen villages across the border.

Whilst the media doesn’t tend to report on the ongoing civil war between the Karen and the Burmese, it was apparent to the mission team that the continuing attacks on Karen villages near the border are resulting in real hardship for the Karen people and that the support of KAG in providing essential humanitarian supplies such as baby clothing, dry food and mosquito nets is very much needed indeed.

(Photos are available on the Gallery Page & KAG Facebook)

2019 Visit

A team of seven from KAG have returned from a 2 week mission trip to work with our friends at Asian Tribal Ministries, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We spent two days at Paka, a Karen village in Chiang Rai province, about 40km inside Thailand, and another 2 days based in Mae Sot visiting villages along the Thai Burma border. We have some exciting stories to tell and some great photos to share. God is moving in amazing ways and your support and love towards these precious people is so much valued and appreciated by them, so please keep up the prayers and support. Thank you so much.


Historical Visits

There have been many visits from KAG teams over the years. The following articles were published in the United Reformed Church Magazine. They were written at a time when the Karen were going through particularly harsh times.

1994 Reform Article

1995 Reform Article